The Island’s History

November 27th, 2011

For many Ibiza is the ultimate holiday island, whether it be for a fortnight of the best clubbing and dance music, great hotels and family friendly hotels and villas – no matter your age group or interest Ibiza appeals to many.

But what many don’t know, is that the island has an interesting history, and the Daily Telegraph in the UK have just published an article about it. To read it click here


Best European Diving

November 25th, 2011

There’s quite a few places in Europe which claim to have the best diving in Europe, and principal among them are the Mediterranean islands of Malta and Cyprus.

But when it comes to an opinion that matters, there can’t be many more authorative than the Professional Association of Divers…and they have just awarded Ibiza with the accolade of the best European diving location.

And they are offering a 47 page brochure as a download free for all those interested in the island, with information about the best 20 diving locations.

To read more and for the free download click here


The New Zealand View

November 14th, 2011

Ibiza’s appeal is far and wide, as well as being one of the most popular destinations for Europeans.

A New Zealand newspaper, The Marlborough Express, recently ran a review of Ibiza, noting that the island was trying to appeal to a more cultured tourist for the future, and how yesterday’s hippies who first visited in the 1960′s are today’s entrepreneurs who run the bars, restaurants and night clubs.

The Cafe del Mar and the music associated with it are highlighted by the writer.

To read the full article click here


Sweet Ibiza

October 21st, 2011

Ibiza has an international reputation as the number one party island in the world, and with her great clubs and the acts that visit each summer deservedly so.

But what about for those tourists whose day doesn’t run from 10pm through to 8am the next morning and are looking for a great holiday destination?

A South African internet site has recently written about a trip to the island which is very good, to read it click here


The Family Island

September 30th, 2011

A good article has appeared in The Independent recently, hailing Ibiza as a family island, far removed from her image as the party and holiday destination many associate it with.

The main article is about property, but also touches upon other aspects such as schools, and there is one reference which suggests Ibiza today is the ‘St. Tropez of the Seventies’.

To read the full article click here